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Grow Knowledge

Grow faster!
Together with AI

We provide companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with outsourced, highly skilled software developers focusing on the transition to artificial intelligence (AI).

Outsourcing digital skills to grow faster is no longer an option for companies in the Kingdom. It's necessary with the explosion of ChatGTP and other AI Tools. 

The strategic partner to help you grow with AI

Where will you be in 18 months from now in terms of AI if you don't put this at the top of the agenda?

Outsourcing digital skills to grow faster is no longer an option for companies in the Kingdom. It's necessary to keep up in the accelerated online world with ChatGTP and AI tools changing everything. 

With an entirely new set of rules with AI as the core of business development we are a strategic partner for organizations in Saudia Arabia, turning challenges with AI into vast opportunities to get ahead of the race. 

With a focus on delivering services and boosting productivity we are the strategic partner for growing knowledge. Together.

Let us provide you with the skills you need, the software and UX your clients expects, the processes and strategic plans for incorporating AI the Board should incorporate, and bring the validation of upgraded skills of all employees with a stellar LMS as the core. 

Grow your knowledge and grow your business forward in the epic decades of AI that have just begun. 

Take a moment to think: Where will you be in 18 months from now in terms of AI if you don't start today? Where will your competitors be? In the upcoming tsunami of Companies that will face the same destiny as Kodak in not adopting to an ever-rapidly changing world, can you afford not to put AI on top of the Agenda? 

Grow together with us. Welcome! 

Digital Pioneers

Grow Knowledge is an IT company established in 2012 in Cairo to support the Gulf market with intuitive Software applications and Software services besides all related IT sector implementations and Support.

Grow Knowlege in a Nutshell

Grow Knowledge is an IT company established in 2012 to support the market with intuitive Software applications and Software services besides all related IT sector implementations and Support.

We partnered with Swedish company KlickData AB (publ), a leading company in the Swedish market which offers a leading Learning Management Software “NK3” being responsible for all software and IT services and implementations, also partnered with the US software company WOKcraft Inc. which offers many mobile apps in the ecosystem for the Knowledge Network of WOK “World of Knowledge”.

Why Outsourced Resources?

Outsourcing is moving the headache of non business related workload to more experienced companies, in IT field, Outsourcing is Vital, less cost, better outcome, and hassle free.

Focus with your core business

By outsourcing your IT needs to us, your main focus will turn 100% to the core of your business.

Get the right skillset!

We offer your company the best qualities of resouces

Team Features

By taking responsibility for your Software development, at Grow Knowledge, you can get full visibility over your IT estate and control over IT assets to improve support outcomes, drive end-user productivity, secure endpoints, and deliver a better IT experience for all your clients.


At Grow Knowledge, we can offer you a variety of Outsourced Resources who can work hybrid, onsite or offshore. You can move all the IT departments to us and keep an eye on the daily routine and focus on your core activities.

AI and ChatGPT in focus with


Grow Knowledge offers Saudi Companies resources to their organizations that are highly skilled in Prompter Engineering and AI Tools. All our staff are trained in the ChatGPT Prompter System from award-winning Klick Data into maximize to productivity to Gulf State companies, and governmental bodies.

Important facts

We at Grow Knowledge believe that outsourcing all IT sector needs including all needed security tasks and Cybersecurity requirements – implementations, also all software activities to specialists is the best way to focus on your core business operations while reducing the costs of hiring.

The Nutshell



To maintain round-the-clock monitoring or implementing the needed Cybersecurity protocols to secure your network in-house, a company would need to hire a minimum of 3 full-time network security engineers.

Along with salaries, a company would incur the costs associated with training and continuing education. After all, network security engineers need to stay on top of the latest threats and methodologies that hackers use.

By outsourcing cybersecurity Implementations and tasks, the cost of hiring, training, and continuing education of network security engineers becomes OUR responsibility.


One of the primary reasons why your business may want to find an outsourced resource is when it requires skilled expertise.

To allow you to focus on your core mission of providing a high-quality product and service to your customer offshoring the task to people who can perform it better makes sense!


Clearly, the main drive why your business may depend on Outsourcing IT tasks is cutting costs.

Especially in Offshore outsourcing, the headcount direct and indirect costs are saved and you are getting access to high-quality resources at a much lower cost.



This allows your business to maintain financial flexibility when there is an uncertainty in demand. You can scale up or down comfortably.

At a much lower cost, offshore outsourcing gives you the chance to get the desired resource whenever you need him without going through the hassle of the hiring cycle.

Easier communications!

Grow Knowledge offer software engineers who speak the same mother tongue as your staff.

Hence, resource management will be as easy as leading a local team member. Contact us through our Cairo office today to get a quote.

Work Synchronization

Your business will not suffer from differences in time zones between your team and the outsourced resource.
The same time zone means fewer distractions, faster collaboration, and easier communication.

Save money!

With more than 7 years of Grow Knowledge premium services in the IT market, You will get the needed support from the correct Technical Advisor.
Grow Knowledge is serving your firm with comparative prices compared with other companies. You will get an extra discount for being one of the first painters in Gulf countries! Hurry Up!

At Grow Knowlege, we are committed to Vision 2030, the government’s initiative to diversify the economy and reduce dependence on oil. We are dedicated to supporting the government’s efforts by focusing on sustainable growth and development, creating jobs and improving the quality of life.

We are dedicated to creating a positive working environment that is based on fairness, respect, and mutual understanding.

We strive to ensure that all employees have equal access to the same opportunities, regardless of gender, age, or background.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. We strive to be transparent and accountable, and to ensure that our operations and activities are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Clients

We partner up and collaborate with innovative companies from all over the middle east!

What clients say.

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